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November 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

FOSCL Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 8, 2019

Present: Roxanne Wilkins, Deb Christiansen, Mary Ann Doyle, AnJie Havens, Kelly Bergland, Karen Laing

Secretary’s Report – the minutes from the October meeting were read and approved (AnJie, Kelly)

Treasurer’s Report – the Treasurer’s Report was read and approved (AnJie, Kelly)

Old Business

FOL Dues: for the Friends of the Michigan Libraries have been paid.

Jersey Giant Fundraiser – AnJie tried to speak with the manager several times and is waiting to hear back from them. Weirdly though, the man at the store was not terribly familiar with this particular fundraiser so that seem a bit odd. It started by information being sent to us, not us pursuing it. Unless AnJie hears back from the manager, we’re going to stop considering this, it looks like a lot of work for potentially not much profit for us.

1000 Cranes by Christmas – We’re up to $ 286.00. 165 cranes have been made but not all hung. Deb is advertising in a variety of ways and next Tuesday evening will be another folding event, 5:30 – 7:15

Christmas Walk, December 6 – 7 – Deb is creating a great four page flyer for this, which will include information about other activities happening, which she will get out to people asap.

On Saturday she’d like to get a Disney sing-along happening at the library, 10:30-11:30, Princesses and Pirates. Deb will MC this and has found the sing-alongs on YouTube. The goal is to have fun and get people into town!

We do need a new connector for our projector. It costs 10.00. Debbie moved that we get it; seconded by AnJie. Deb will look into it.

Jim Dean – It’s a done deal with the Data Guardian passive fundraiser (document shredding). We will get our code when Kelly goes to see him, this week or next. She will also get a price list of their services.

Tot Time Book Shower – We will do this on February 22, Saturday morning and hand out information about it at Battle (on the 15th). Tot Time begins again in March The staff would register for the books they want on Amazon. Time: 10 am. We’ll have shower games and prizes and decorations and food.

Garden Tour – We talked about doing this in the summer, possibly Schoolcraft and Vicksburg. Deb wondered if there are around 8 women who garden who would like to have their home on the tour. At this point we have Mary Ann, Diane, possibly Kristen Poll ….

Kelly went to the Victorian Garden Club in Vicksburg’s annual meeting and proposed the idea of doing this as a joint thing. The date would be July 11-12, 10-4 both days. She proposed that FOSCL would do the promoting and ticket sales, and the split would be 60-40. They would do their own planning for Vicksburg and we would do ours here in Schoolcraft.

There was some discussion and they will be discussing it in future meetings and Kelly gave a March 1 deadline to decide on this. She will get back in touch with them at the end of February.

As far as Schoolcraft, we could do a walking tour in the village, and add in those like Diane and Mary Ann who are outside the village.

Deb talked about doing a pop-up art show in conjunction with the Garden Tour, perhaps in the park, and that would be where people could come get their wristbands and information.

So how do we recruit people for this? We could try going through some of the village facebook pages (library, Memories of Growing Up in Schoolcraft, the Historical Society). Maybe ask Jim the florist if he has any ideas.

Libations: Kelly went to a meeting with the library’s Board of Trustees to talk about a wine-tasting or beer-tasting at the library, a social gathering for adults. One of them was vehemently opposed to it. We are not required to pass it by them but it’s good for us to do so because most people don’t know the distinction between Library and Friends of the Library.

Liability might be an issue.
We agreed that if anyone disagrees with it we won’t do it.

Roxanne said Pam reported that with the exception of the one person, the board seemed okay with it as long it is not the main point of the gathering. If it’s in conjunction with something else, that’s fine. However, Kelly’s sense remains that if one person is opposed we shouldn’t do it.

It was decided to table the issue for now.

New Business

Battle of the Books – February 15, 2020. They need help, as usual.

Palooza: August 6, 2020.

For the New Year: Deb reported that she has found out we are a 501 (3) (c), which allows us some flexibility in bringing in different programs and getting them funded by grants and she would like us to start doing some of that.

She also bought a new domain name, Schoolcraft Library, it has more search terms in it.

Next Meeting: December 13, 10 am

Respectfully Submitted

Debbie Dehart, Secretary

October 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Library Committee Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2019

Present: Roxanne Wilkins, AnJie Havens, Diane Westfall, Kelly Bergland, Mary Anne Doyle, Debbie Dehart
Secretary’s Report: read and approved (Kelly, Diane).
Treasurer’s Report: read and approved (Kelly, Debbie)
New Business
* Jim Dean was supposed to be here but as he wasn’t, Kelly told us about what he was going to present. It’s a passive fundraiser called Data Guardian, a document shredding company. They will come to your business and, for a fee, securely shred your stuff. They also do document storage. If we sign up with him, and then people use him, they can use our code and we will get back a percentage of what they pay him.
Kelly will get us signed up with him. (moved by Debbie, seconded by AnJie)

* Jersey Giant Subs fundraiser – a restaurant on Centre and Oakland. We will do one of those passive fundraisers through them as well. AnJie and Diane will provide the information about that in November, and we’ll look at doing it in the beginning of next year. They will set up a date for us. We will have to have someone at the restaurant the day of and AnJie will find out if it has to be for the whole period.

* We need a new President and Vice-President. Deb is willing to come back as President if Kelly will take the Vice-President position. Deb will be here in November.

* Pam’s Money Matters:

Gary Monroe: our computer guy, says he needs to make some additional purchases to get our new computers running, costing $676.00.
Deb Christiansen is requesting a donation towards photoshop elements for patron use which would also help with our Friends projects. It would be added to at least 2 computers and cost $27.00 per computer. We discussed how this would affect the printer – its life, purchase of toner cartridges, etc.
Wednesday October 16 there is an Open House for Jackie Chapin’s quilt exhibit (5:30-7:00 pm). We need cookies and punch. Also on Wednesday October 23 there will be the Zoomobile and Trick-or-Treating (6:00-7:15), and a preschool party on October 31. Pam is requesting $50.00 to cover the supplies needed for these events.

We decided to give $780.00 to cover all these expenses (Debbie, Diane).

Roxanne could also use some people scattered around the library to help pass out candy on the 23rd. (time: 6:50 or so).
They could also use candy for the trick-or-treaters.

* Emergency Money Requests by-law:
AnJie presented a possible by-law regarding the authority of the President to approve funds when there is a time issue and the rest of the committee is not available.
There was some discussion. It was decided not to change anything.

* Storage Area Cleaned: AnJie and Debbie cleaned the storage area in the back room and it is much less cluttered than it was.

*December meeting: it’s on the list but we don’t usually meet so disregard. If we need to meet to count money from the Cranes fundraiser we can just arrange to do that.

Old Business

* The Cranes project – Kick-off is October 21 at 5:30-7, we’ll have donuts and cider. If you have any Christmas wrap you don’t need, cut it into 6” squares and donate it for folding the cranes.

* Garden Tour 2020 – no update at this point. We will discuss in November.

November is AnJie’s last official meeting because she’ll be gone at least until late May and will be getting her house ready to sell.

The Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am! (Diane, Debbie).